Scatchard Carpets
The Worlds Oldest Tufted Carpet Manufacturer

Thomas Scatchard, the founder, was born in 1798 into a family already well known for the production of fine woollen textiles. Since that time six further generations of the Scatchard family have contributed their unsurpassed skill and experience to the manufacture of fine quality carpets.


The selection of quality wools grown specifically for carpet production are blended with high performance synthetic fibres giving crafted carpets with increased appearance retention and added resistance to wear and soiling. Carpets from Scatchard’s are made to give years of satisfactory use in any situation.

Scatchard carpets have always had the policy of first re use then recycle. This has stood us in good stead through various wars, financial disasters and even the boom times. We even take in other companies overspins and spare yarns to manufacture new carpet , savings for the whole industry and environment. Minimising waste to landfill.

Opening Times

Mon – Thur 9.00-5.15

Fri 9.00-4.30

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British Wool has a number of key advantages. British wool is a fibre with bulk and resilience offering superior durability and performance. A British wool carpet will reduce the effect of tracking & shading, providing longer lasting retention. British wool has an inbuilt resistance to soiling due to its natural oil and the scaled structure of the fibre which act as a shield against dirt. British wool is naturally flame resistant and produces less toxic fumes than most other materials. It has a higher ignition threshold levels than many other fibres, and its ability to self extinguish makes it a safer product in areas of public usage and the home.